Redmine × Slack

ROSA (Redmine On Slack Assistant) uses Slack for task management and Redmine for communication tools.

Issue creation in 3 seconds from Slack

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What's ROSA?

ROSA is a tool that runs as a bot on Slack and can operate Redmine。

Do you feel creating tasks and communicating tasks with comments on Redmine everyday is too time consuming? With the introduction of ROSA, you can create issues, change the attributes(status, etc.) and exchange comments of Redmine from Slack.

We chat on Slack everyday.

4 benefits of implementing ROSA

Redmine becomes more convenient

It is troublesome to create issue, change the person in charge, change the scheduled labor-hour, register the times and reply to comments everytime with a browser every single time.
If you have ROSA, you can solve it all at once.Simply chat in Slack and update your Redmine information with ease.

  • Add issue

  • Change issue information

  • Issue comments and attachments

Reduce wasted time

Smooth communication

Have you ever experienced communication delays in Redmine?
In the end, it has to be confirmed orally or by telephone, and it's still difficult to understand even after referring to the issue on Redmine. It's also difficult to share the information with newcomers.
With ROSA, just chat on Slack as usual and you'll be able to accumulate information in Redmine.

  • Contact someone immediately by chat

  • Accumulate information

  • Can immediately be aware of updates and messages.

Communication goes through Slack, allowing Slack notification to be utilized.

Clarification of tasks

With just chat and email, information is mixed. Isn't it hard to figure out what, when and how the issues were responded?
With ROSA, you can create issues and chat within the issues right away, so tasks won't be cluttered into a single channel.

  • Clarification of tasks

  • Create tasks right away

  • No mix of information

Tasks won't be buried in chats and emails.

Organize information, Knowledge base

Have you ever had a problem of too much information in a single channel? Doesn't overflowing of information make it difficult to look back later?
With Rosa, you can easily divide channels by task, question and answer questions, and so on.
Also, the contents written on the channel are reflected in Redmine, so it is easy to see the information later.

  • naturally arranged information

  • Information to refer back later

  • Redmine aggregates all information

Let's collect all information in Redmine

Supports a wide range of IT environments

Effectively utilize system development, web creation, and any industry with an IT environment. Installation setup is also easy.

System development

Let's communicate more effectively and stop worrying about Redmine.

Web creation

It's time consuming to use Redmine to give detailed instructions. Let's improve the accuracy of the task by creating issues by chat.

Internal business management

For example, you can avoid forgetting to do ordinary business such as issuing bills. Chat and task management makes task management easy.

IT outsourcing

Don't you feel frustrated with the slow response of your email based exchange?Gain smooth communication and task management with chat.

Contact with other companies

Create a separate Slack workspace for communication with other companies, such as communication with clients, and introduce ROSA to manage chat tasks.

Task analysisComing soon

ROSA analyzes team activity. Are there any delayed tasks? Who is the hardest working member? ROSA's task analysis ability is very dependable.

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Free trial for 10 days.

You don't need to register your credit card to try. You will have 10 days of free trial.
Please experience the increased efficiency of your work with ROSA.

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Customer feedback

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Before implementing ROSA, it was time consuming to find a project and create a new issue, input the contents, etc., but after the introduction of the ROSA, you will be able to quickly create issues by chat and interact.
ROSA has also been introduced as a communication tool with customers because it enables smooth communication via chat.

Project manager
System development(20 employees)

Before ROSA was introduced, tickets are created in Redmine and update notifications are confirmed by email, but since there is a push notification in Slack, there is no need to check emails with ROSA.
And it's also easy for designers to check specifications through chat. It is common to have specifications checked physically or orally but that is too troublesome. All the records of work are recorded on Redmine, creating an effective knowledge base.

System development(5 Employees)
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1 User 100 (Tax excluded) per month
  • Free trial for 10 days.
  • Full functionality without limitation
  • Email support
  • Functional improvement and update